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Exeter West Greenwich Girls Softball League

Exeter West Greenwich Girls Softball League

Junior League

2018 Rules—Junior Division - Exeter-West Greenwich Girls Softball League 

1.    Games start at 6:00 pm sharp.  No innings start after 1 hour 20 minutes.  The time limit begins after the pitcher throws a pitch to the first batter. 

2. A regulation game shall consist of 6 innings.  Championship games must play innings without time limit.  

3. Tie breaker rule: Playoffs only (regular season games can end in a tie) If after completion of 6 innings of play the score is tied, the following tie-breaker rule shall determine the winning team:  Starting with the top of the 7th inning, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that inning being placed on second base.  

4.  Umpires: One umpire can be used for all regular season games. Umpire will call balls, strikes and “no pitch” from the pitching circle and will call plays at the bases in the field.  A “no pitch” can only occur during coach pitch.  The umpires are representatives of the league and as such are authorized to order a player, coach, captain or manager to carry out or to omit any act which, in their judgment is necessary to give force and effect to one or all of these rules, and to inflict penalties as herein prescribed.  There will be no appeal on any decision of an umpire on the grounds that the umpire was not correct in the conclusion as to whether a batted ball was fair or foul, a runner safe or out, a pitched ball is a ball or strike, or on any play involving accuracy of judgment. Coaches and fans are instructed not to directly question the decisions of the umpires.  If an umpire feels a situation is getting out of control, they shall stop game play and find a league board member – the board member shall intervene and settle any issues and allow play to resume.

5. Pitching: We will follow the PONY and ASA pitching distance of 35 feet. Player pitch will be utilized for the first and third inning of every game, regular season and playoffs. Coach pitch will alternate with girl pitch and begin in the second inning. Beginning in the 4th inning coach pitch will continue until a game is completed. When coach pitching is in effect, the umpire is responsible for making all calls regarding “no pitches” without comments or influence by the coach who is pitching – any attempt at influencing the umpire will result in a warning, a second offense shall result in ejection. Coaches shall pitch to their own batters, any batter hit by a pitch during coach pitch will not be awarded first base, it will be considered a no pitch.  During coach pitch the batter has five pitches to put the ball in play.  A foul ball on the 5th pitch will result in an additional pitch.  If batter swings and misses 3 strikes, the batter is out.   An inning will end after the offensive team has made 3 outs or scored 2 runs with live pitching, and 3 outs or 4 runs with coach pitch.  There is no run limit in the last inning.  At the beginning of each half inning, or when a pitcher relieves another, not more than two minute may be used to deliver not more than five pitches.  

6.  If one team is ahead by 10 runs at the end of five innings, (four and a half if the home team is leading), the game officially ends. 

7. Teams consists of 4 outfielders (or 3 outfielders and a midfielder) and 4 infielders a pitcher and the catcher (10 players).  In the event of a player shortage, a team can take the field with 8 players.  One coach will be allowed on the field with defensive team. In the playoffs, free substitutions of all available players must occur so that all players are used.

8. The use of free substitutions and a continuous batting order is required.  No player should sit on the bench for more than one consecutive inning.

9. Stealing bases and advances are allowed as follows: 

  • a. 2 steals per inning is allowed. Double steal is considered as one steal
  • b. There will be no stealing home or on throws back to the pitcher.
  • c. Runner shall remain on base  until ball reaches plate.
  • d. After play ceases, the ball becomes dead if a runner occupies a base beyond the one entitled, the runner will be returned to the correct base without liability.
  • e. a base on balls cannot advance past first base.
  • f. If a batter strikes out and the ball is dropped, the batter is out and the batter cannot advance to first base. 
  • g. In live ball situations, runners can advance until the ball is returned to the infield. An overthrow of the catcher/pitcher exchange is NOT a live ball.
  • h. Runners may only advance 1 base on a throwing error.


10.  No infield fly rule is in effect.

11.  Any intentional crashing into the catcher will result in a verbal warning. This rule on the field shall be at the discretion of the umpire. A repeat by the same runner will result in her being called out upon the second   offense.  Coaches are advised to instruct all players to slide on any close  play at home plate to avoid a collision with the catcher and possible injury.   After a batter puts a ball in play and their bat is thrown at the catcher, whether intentionally or not – the team shall be given a warning.  A second offense, by any other batter on the offending team shall result in an automatic out.  If any player has 2 offenses in a single game, that player shall not be allowed to continue the game and shall be benched. (The purpose of this rule is to have coaches focus on catcher safety – this is a serious issue).

12.  Defensive infielders must not line up between first and second and second and third and block the runner’s path. They may line up a step back or a step in front but not in any direct line.  In this case the runner must avoid the defensive player and may run out of the base path to do so. However if the defensive player has the ball in her position the runner can not run out of the base path to avoid being tagged.  On a rundown play the defensive players can line up on a line between any two bases the runner is trying to get to or between third and home.

13.  This list is a summary of softball rules for EWG Girls Softball; however, the 2018 ASA Girls Softball Rules and Regulations shall apply to any situation not covered by this summary.  

14.  Playoffs will be a double elimination format and be seeded by blind draw.



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